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The AAII Stock Investor Pro software contains over 60 predefined stock screens which select stocks based on predefined quantitative methodologies from the database of over 9,800 stocks. Many are of these screening methodologies are based upon the principles of well-known investors such as Warren Buffett, William O’Neil, John Neff, Peter Lynch, John Templeton and Martin Zweig. Other screens are based on basic principles of investing, such as the low price-to-sales ratio or the relationship of PE ratios.

If we run each screen separately it typically produces a total of over 2,600 selections (many of which are duplicate stocks). If we analyze all these independent screen selections and determine which stocks have been selected by more than one screening method then this provides some consensus among the different selection methods. Remember that the screen results below are just a first step. There are qualitative elements that cannot be captured effectively by a quantitative screening process. It is important to perform your own due diligence before adding any stock to your portfolio.

The results are first sorted by the number of passing screens and then alphabetically. Only stocks that have passed at least 5 screens are shown below.


To view which screens were passed; scroll to the right. the screen numbers are shown at the top.

Charts Of Current Stocks Passing 5 or More Screens

daily charts

If you wish to subscribe to the FINVIZ*elite service, please use the link below:

AAII Stock Investor Pro Screens

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