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This is a rotational trend following strategy that selects the Fidelity Select Fund (FSF) with the greatest return over the last 5 week period.  

This strategy uses the Fidelity Select Sector funds as follows:
Air Transportation Portfolio (FSAIX)
Automotive Portfolio (FSAVX)
Banking Portfolio (FSRBX)
Biotechnology Portfolio (FBIOX)
Brokerage and Investment Management Portfolio (FSLBX)
Chemicals Portfolio (FSCHX)
Communications Equipment Portfolio (FSDCX)
Computers Portfolio (FDCPX)
Construction and Housing Portfolio (FSHOX)
Consumer Discretionary Portfolio (FSCPX)
Consumer Staples Portfolio (FDFAX)
Defense and Aerospace Portfolio (FSDAX)
Electronics Portfolio (FSELX)
Energy Portfolio (FSENX)
Energy Service Portfolio (FSESX)
Environmental Portfolio (FSLEX)
Financial Services Portfolio (FIDSX)
Gold Portfolio (FSAGX)
Health Care Portfolio (FSPHX)
Home Finance Portfolio (FSVLX)
IT Services Portfolio (FBSOX)
Industrial Equipment Portfolio (FSCGX)
Industrials Portfolio (FCYIX)
Insurance Portfolio (FSPCX)
Leisure Portfolio (FDLSX)
Materials Portfolio (FSDPX)
Medical Delivery Portfolio (FSHCX)
Medical Equipment and Systems Portfolio (FSMEX)
Money Market Portfolio (FSLXX)
Multimedia Portfolio (FBMPX)
Natural Gas Portfolio (FSNGX)
Natural Resources Portfolio (FNARX)
Networking and Infrastructure Portfolio (FNINX) Closed to new investors
Paper and Forest Products Portfolio (FSPFX)  Closed to new investors
Pharmaceuticals Portfolio (FPHAX)
Retailing Portfolio (FSRPX)
Software and Computer Services Portfolio (FSCSX)
Technology Portfolio (FSPTX)
Telecommunications Portfolio (FSTCX)
Transportation Portfolio (FSRFX)
Utilities Growth Portfolio (FSUTX)
Utilities Fund (FIUIX)
Wireless Portfolio (FWRLX)

Strategy Criteria

The system picks the FSF mutual fund with the highest rate of return over the past 25 days to rotate into.  After 30 days, if the currently held FSF is still the top Select fund, continue to hold it. Otherwise, exchange it immediately for the top ranked Select fund. 


i) Fidelity charges a redemption fee if the FSF is not held for at least 30 days. ii) A minimum investment of $2,500 per fund is required.

Portfolio Changes

Portfolio changes are made on the last day of the month at the closing price.

Current Holding

See current holding below.

Trade History

Ticker below shows last closing price.  (Fidelity Select Funds only trade at the end of day closing price.)


 Current Fidelity Fund Performance

The table below shows the current performance of the Fidelity Select Funds (FSF) over the past 5 weeks (25 trading days) and can be used to choose the fund with the best return at the end of the month.  Dividends are not included in the performance calculation.  (Note: Please note that the FSF prices rely on google quotes which intermittently does not work for certain FSFs, consequently if there is an FSF at the top of the table without a performance percentage, please check back later. Any FSFs missing a quote price are automatically sorted to the top of the table so this means that it is probably not the best performing FSF over the last 5 weeks.



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